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Talks and Seminars by Cecilia Aragon

Interested in having Cecilia Aragon give a presentation to your group? Please email us at the address above.

Popular talks include "From Fear of Flying to the World Aerobatic Championships," aviation safety seminars such as "Unusual Attitude Recovery," physics of aviation seminars and other technical topics, and talks for children from kindergarteners to high school students. Her engaging presentations have entertained and educated many different types of audiences, from the general public, to pilots, to physicists and computer scientists.

Talks can be tailored to audiences' specific interests. Please contact us for more information.

"From Fear of Flying to the World Aerobatic Championships"

Cecilia Aragon
Member, U.S. Aerobatic Team, 1991-94

Aerobatic champion and airshow pilot Cecilia Aragon describes her journey overcoming a fear of flying: how a shy woman afraid to climb in an airplane became an airshow performer of low-altitude loops, spins and rolls.

She holds the record for shortest time from first solo in an airplane to membership on the United States Aerobatic Team, and was a medalist at the World Aerobatic Championships, the Olympics of Aviation.

The talk will include clips of television footage featuring in-cockpit video and an airshow over San Francisco.